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FSB, where a ’dream job’ is not a ‘dream’ anymore.

Success comes when it is defined and chased. We at FSB lays down the foundation of success. It may be easy to enter the ‘Corporate World’ but to sustain it requires a lot of patience, dedication, commitment, management skills, motivation and cooperation. And, we prepare our students for the next level!



Want to stand out of the crowd? We offer BCA with an extraneous trajectory that will provide you visibility across the sectors like data science, blockchain, AI/ML and many more integrated courses.

B.Com Hons

B.Com is offered in Hons. as well as Computers. Both the degrees are well blended with precisely chosen accounting courses. 

B.Com Hons – B.Com with Global Accounting and Finance, B/Com with Taxation and Analytics


An integrated degree course that makes stupendous managers and entrepreneurs. We offer BBA with supernumerary alignments into entrepreneurship. YEP (Young Entrepreneurship Program), BBA with BM (Brand Management), BBA with Analytics.

B.Com Computers

That is acceptable by almost all companies and sectors around the world. with Global Accounting and Finance, with GST and Tally.


A well-designed course that offers the benefits of an MBA alongside the taste and experience in many hot and current, industry-specific add on courses.

B.Sc Nutrition and Allied Public Health

B.Sc Nutrition & Allied Public Health

B.Sc. in Nutrition & Public Health is a program that offers two distinct pathways, Nutrition and Public Health, and its application by blending the two.

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FSB is the premier educational business institute in the city of Nawab’s ‘Hyderabad’. It offers several courses like BBA,, BCA, PGDM while providing the overall development of its students with its unique teaching and learning prodigy.

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