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BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business administration is the base course for budding entrepreneurs/ managers to start their journey to achieve the goal. We say ‘the base should be strong, then only the outcome will be perfect and long-lasting. BBA  degree course has all the subjects, concepts and curriculum that makes a student proficient in all the management domains like Finance, Marketing and Human Resource. After that he/she can choose his /her interested stream wisely. A BBA student can excel in various fields like MBA, CFA, PGDM, Banking, Investment banking, entrepreneurship, Government Jobs, CS, data analytics and many others.

This program is specifically designed for the budding entrepreneurs and managers, as a perfect blend of university curriculum and our own insights in terms of practice, art and implementation. We @ FSB offers a unique prodigy of inculcating management concepts by simulating and applying them through presentations, ad-mocks, debates, surveys, pilot studies, case studies and uniquely designed management games.

Affiliation-  Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana

Course Duration- 3 years, divided into 6 semesters (half-yearly)

Additional Integrated Course to be provided to the students from FSB (We are going the extra mile):

BBA: Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

BBA: Brand Management (BM)

BBA: Analytics

Students can choose anyone!

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It is often the question in the minds of the students that ‘What after BBA?’ That means ‘What is the scope of BBA?’

BBA provides many opportunities for the students in different fields. It is a bachelor degree in management and hence opens many corp-orates. Since it is a bachelor degree, one can join a postgraduate degree in management or allied subjects. The best thing that FSB offers is YEP (Young Entrepreneurship Program), hence, students can enter into the field of startups and their own business developments.

– High profile job in MNC’s

– Preparation of Banking and SSC jobs.

– MBA or allied postgraduate degree from affiliated university.

– Startups and own businesses.

The top companies that hire BBA students are Deloitte, Cognizant, HDFC bank, Accord management, Accenture and many more.

We prepare for CAT, IBPS, SSC and other Govt. Exams as well!

Let’s walk through our integrated courses and their curriculum

BBA- Young Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)

This era is also called as ‘Startup Era’ that illustrates to us the fact that young blood has a passion and zeal to start their own businesses and to create employment in the country. The best thing to have in your life is to have your own earning potential. To be the master of your own. And this could only be achieved by starting your own company.

Nowadays people have short of time to perform their household and other personal activities, because of an extremely busy life. For that reason, everything is automatized and digitized. There are still many gaps in the booming market that are untapped. The tapping of these gaps creates ideas and hence, your own company.

We at FSB offers command at all levels of the company life cycle and inject required skills in an individual through theoretical implication, practical approach, detailed surveys, research projects, games and simulations and capstone individual projects.

We also help the students in interacting with the industry experts for clearing doubts and queries. Live sessions are organised during the course where other projecting entrepreneurs discuss their ideas and thoughts with each other.

We help the students frame their ideas, approaching partners and venture capitalists and converting their ideas into reality.

XYZ Pvt Ltd Your own company through your unique trending Idea

Brand Recognition and growth of your company

Your Earnings will multiply to several million dollars while you go international

You will create several job employments and will feed several households

Be a Change maker, Be a revolutionist, Be an Entrepreneur, Join FSB's BBA - Young Entrepreneurship Program

We can clearly see on the graph that the average monthly earnings of startups are somewhere around 58000 US Dollars, which is a great amount. The only thing that is required to achieve this and even greater than this is the competent skills set, knowledge, management in all domains and a perfect idea to gear ahead. We at FSB makes this dream of yours successful from scratch.

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