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B.Sc Nutrition & Allied Public Health

B.Sc Nutrition and Allied Public Health

Program Description 

B.Sc. in Nutrition & Public Health is a program that offers two distinct pathways, Nutrition and Public Health, and its application by blending the two. This course concentrates on the scientific aspects of food science, nutrition, and the promotion of knowledge regarding health through healthy food for well-being.

​Program crafts experts in health professionals, consultants in food product development, assistant executive in the health care service field, and social welfare by addressing the challenges people face in day-to-day life and helping create a healthy lifestyle. The program also provides a balance of scientific and socio-economic studies of diet, nutrition, and related health aspects. The graduates will be essential in developing new healthy eating trends, providing advice on proper food choices to individuals or communities, maintaining good health, preventing malnutrition, or managing therapeutic diets.


O1- Graduates will demonstrate knowledge in nutrition and health complemented by the appropriate skills and attributes by promoting health knowledge.

O2- Graduates will apply diet therapy to solve patients’ complex disease states and malnutrition-related problems by developing diet plans for various age groups.

O3- Graduates will be able to display leadership qualities and entrepreneur skills by communicating effectively in an interdisciplinary work environment, either individually or in a group, and educating patients about healthy eating for their well-being.

O4- The graduates will have a broad outlook on ethical and sociological issues that provides an authority to take care of the quality, quantity, availability, and span of foods produced in an industrial society and their accessibility to the consumers.

O5- The graduates will engage in life-long learning and professional development through self-study, continuing education, or graduate and professional studies in nutrition and public health.

Program Outcomes:

O1- Demonstrate knowledge and skills acquired through programs to practice the profession of nutrition and health.

O2- Undertake Public Health care projects and camps to extend society’s awareness about nutrition and health.

O3- Understand and appreciate the role of nutritionists in developing a healthy society by developing food and nutrition care.

O4- It creates awareness of ethical practices as a skilled nutritionist in the profession, social settings that make a difference in decision-making, and respect for the patient’s dignity, care, and well-being.

O5- Create, select and apply current tools and techniques of nutritional science for the welfare of diverse communities.

Program Highlights

Significant areas covered are Basic Nutrition & Food Science, Nutritional Biochemistry, Physiology & Promotive Health, Introduction to food safety, Food service management, Nutritional management in health and disease, Human Nutrition, Community Nutrition, exploring healthier diet options, Modern society dietary modification.

Career Opportunities:

Gain a competitive advantage with our B.Sc. in Nutrition & Public Health and create your career in various streams. Opportunities for students after graduation from Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Health care) are immense.

The students can become Nutrition professionals, Dieticians, consultants in FSSAI, food quality controllers, food product development, Nutritional therapists, and many more.

Public Health Nutritionist/ Clinical Dietician -Graduates get Career Opportunities as Nutritionists in Public Sector Healthcare associations as Clinical dieticians at Govt. Clinics and Medical Colleges; Public Health Nutritionist; Program officials/bosses in Social Welfare Departments; Chief Nutritionist/Project Assistant in formative NGOs like UNICEF, WHO, PHFI, Save the Children, United Nations Development Program, World Food Program, ACF (Action Against Hunger/ACF International), CRY (Child Rights and You); Sports Nutritionist at Sports Authority of India; Health Worker/Nutrition Educator; Research Projects/Statistical Centres.

Professional Enhancement– Graduates get a more comprehensive scope as a manager. They maintain excellent internal and external customer service levels, Design exceptional menus, purchase goods, and continuously make necessary improvements. They Lead the F&B team by attracting, recruiting, training, and appraising talented personnel, building skills and relationships needed for the firm’s long run.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities- As Nutrition Post Graduates can begin their OPD-based Diet Clinics or even set up an outsource-based OPD and IPD Facility in emergency clinics going from general to super-specialty to fame Services.

Academician- Students can likewise proceed with their scholastics for better open positions like scholar, Clinical Research courses, MSc, Ph.D.

Food scientist – graduates get an opportunity to work in R&D centers as a food scientist, research associate, food auditor and analyst in multi-national industries, and consultant in FSSAI.

Private sector – Besides the Public region, students have a room full of the right set of openings in Private Sector Healthcare Associations, such as Clinical Nutritionist/Registered Dietician, Bariatric Surgery Nutritionist, Nutrition Consultant/Analyst, and Health/Diet Coach. Food and Beverage Manager (F&B); Sensory Analyst; Nutraceuticals/Nutritional enhancements Entrepreneur; Diabetic Educator; Nutritionist in schools; Freelance Nutritionist; Media and Publishing houses.

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