Fortune School of Business

Who We Are


FSB is the premier educational business institute in the city of Nawab’s ‘Hyderabad’. It offers several courses like BBA,, BCA, PGDM while providing the overall development of its students with its unique teaching and learning prodigy.

Vision: FSB aims at the overall development of the students while providing a gateway for future jobs/start-ups.

“Management is the work done by others”

This attitude requires plethora of skills, expertise and knowledge. We @FSB strive to provide these essentials in order to make our students- “Managers”.

“An Entrepreneur itself can make future Entrepreneurs”

By Mr. Srinivaas GundalaaChairman FSB

A good composition can make a better substance. So is the motive of our organisation. We at FSB offer a balanced program to our students. At every step forth practical application of theoretical concepts haunts the learning environment. Students perform each and everything from their own bare hands and prolific minds.

Being an educationalist for several years and having worked in many business institutes, Mr Srinivaas Gundalaa has initiated an integrated business course for undergraduates behind the veil of their/its fortune  named as ‘Fortune School of business’